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28 Eylül 2016 Çarşamba

Info Post
You’re a fan of running game, aren’t you? Don’t skip Angry Gran Run: Halloween at this time because it can bring you lots of joy and fun. Be curious to discover it? There we come!
The chief task is to assist a special woman to run for her life. She was captured in a strange hospital with dangerous doctors. Be quick to open the hospital’s door and aid her instantly! Please observe the main screen to determine dangers on the road such as creatures, evil men, barriers, cars, and so on. Assist this woman to dodge over or kick the men, jump or slide over barriers or creatures, etc. Ensure not to touch anything to protect her life until the end. Especially, when running, be quick to collect as many available coins as possible to purchase some essential items in the Store. The longer distance the woman can run, the more terrific things will be added.
Want to explore all? Once again, please jump into Angry Gran Run: Halloween and relish yourself now!
Hit left & right arrow keys to turn.
Hit A & D to lean left or right.
Hit up & down arrow keys to jump and slide.
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